Understanding my own Vibrational Energy became my first and foremost importance to Me, after my awakening to this energy, vibrational, frequency on my journey! 

 ‘Everything being energy whether it be.. the earth you walk on, the trees outside, your family pet, your car, even your thoughts they are all made from a vibrational energy frequency!

This energy has created our amazing universe with great order and precision, that it became wise for me to follow in this intelligent wisdom.

It has helped myself & many others understand how we too can change our lives for the betterment of ourselves and our beautiful planet if we chose to do so.

Receiving a joyous life has been bestowed upon each one of us, and generously with an overflow of abundance, our job is to ‘align with the Source’ of this pure positive vibrational-energy the Source that created all things.

We have an energy field, a colorful aura, our own vibrational-signature. For any of us to gain these great benefits in our lives, firstly, one must come to a recognition that everything has a vibrational frequency first & foremost.

Renowned Scientists Acknowledges.

Nikola Tesla once said if you want to’ find the secrets to the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration’.

Albert Einstein had also quoted: Everything in life is Vibration

What did the science field learn from their studies of energy, that has the potential in helping each one of us unlock the secrets to this vast Universe?

Lets take a look for instance, at the cells, scientists have known that from within our cells, beyond the atoms and particles is a void which we call ‘space or energy’  that energy from within you, vibes off of you, from an emotion and a frequency is emanated off from us.

If we moved toward a higher frequency through our thoughts it makes a big difference compared to low-frequency thoughts. Happy feels way better than angry, sad, mad, fear and all those low energies. This is where the saying ‘like attracts like; comes into the equation – what you are vibrating out comes right back to you. (Explained nicely in the video below)

LIKE energy attracts LIKE vibration

Energy frequencies attract to themselves the same vibrational energy. Higher frequencies work from a higher vibration, positive thoughts, positive people, positive surroundings with positive experiences compared to low vibe person who always draws toward themselves negative situations, outcomes, circumstances, they seem to sit more in negative thoughts and drama seems to follow them, where ever they go.

One who flows with the Universe & trusts being guided by their vibrational frequency hear their messages through their intuition because they are not blocked by their thoughts or others heavy energy.

Have you looked at your own vibration lately? How has it been feeling, lately?

Your emotions will tell you, think of a person, full of joy, bouncing in laughter and attracting abundance, love, and everything to themselves,  their energy would be on a HIGH frequency, emanating off of them a high energy!

Love, peace, joy, clarity, kindness, goodness, all those delicious qualities. Love and above is best dear Energual Being.

Is it important to start looking inward at how your energy is vibing?

If you want to create joy, happiness, or even wanting to know more about your purpose to why you came to enjoy this human existence then… YES, IT IS IMPORTANT!

When you understand that you are an energy first and foremost which guides you to a life of true happiness but it can only be unfolded by you when you allow the trueness of your higher authentic self to come flowing on through from your inner-being, that Inner-self, that’s in-ward, the with-in ness, and using your  in-tuition, your consciousness! The answers we need will show themselves within.

Like attracts like – you get what you’re vibrating, maybe its time to start taking note of what your vibration speaks from within because it’s your vibe that will speak first to Us when you bring your energy in front of another being.

Does your mood really change your vibration?

Dr David Hawkins Consciousness chart

On the chart above, it shows on a vibrational scale, the value of our emotion and what we are gravitating toward ourself & life.

  • Do you constantly speak more positive talk or negative talk about yourself and others?
  • Has your life been challenging with plenty of drama and lots of struggle?
  • Then maybe its time to truthfully look at your own emotions, find the triggers to those thoughts at a vibrational level? Hate/Love, Problem,/solution, happy/sad, and so on, are all, different frequency of vibrational energy. It is only a matter of choosing the highest one & live in the essence of that vibration and before not too long, more of the same essence is drawn to you.
  • If a person is vibrating from a place of ‘zer0‘ this indicates they are perilously in proximate to death and would be destructive to their own emotion and physical health.
  • Energy’s from 200 and under, are ‘energy drainers’ and vibrating below their own integrity

The journey can turn around for you and the entire human race if each one of us individually was willing to make a change and use our energies in a positive manner & direct our energies from a loving peaceful & kindness level kind of space.

Now, you have a basic understanding to your own vibrational energy frequency and when you are ready to raise your vibration higher and higher not only will your life improve but a glow from internal light energy emanates from you which can guide you to your true happiness. There are tools we can use to raise our vibrations which we can look at in our next post.

Thank you for coming over and reading my article if you enjoyed my content give me a thumbs up or leave me a comment. Love to hear how others are vibing high in their lives also.

Buddha Groove


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