Channels are Vibrational Messengers 

In the early months of 2003, this was a great year where I lifted the veil to my own consciousness,  awakening to my own enlightenment, this huge burst of spiritual awakening became my turning point that changes my whole way of being. A path I continue on to this day.

I dove deep into a few spiritual workshops that taught how to channel/ meditate and the use of Universal energy through Reiki for healing, teachers that were full of Vibe and Spirit and whom I give much appreciation to, for their guidance and the sharing of their gifts.

This blog, I would like to bring awareness to this special gift of CHANNELLING. This amazing gift has been bestowed to each and every one of us and is also of great importance to unfolding the ‘answers’ we seek & to claim the life that we truly are meant to be enjoying.

What is channelling?

It has been described as being: A  process of expanding and focusing one’s consciousness to bringing through Divine guidance. or

Communicating with any consciousness that is not in human form, by allowing that consciousness to express itself through a channel.

I have experienced being in amongst an audience and witnessing my own viewing to a few channellings. I had watched as the person taking the channellings body or beingness was taken over by an unseen entity and then started communicating through them they would choose a particular person from the crowd and may share a message from someone on the other side of the veil, this isn’t a new practice either, this has been around for millennium of years and is growing daily worldwide.

Channellers are also known as psychics, spirit mediums and often use what we call ‘spirit guides’, friendly spirits who share their knowledge in helping people unfold their Spiritual journey.

In March 2003 I was introduced to a few channellers, one special channel that I have come to appreciate & have a high respect for I wish to introduce and share with you through my blog.

Thousands of thousands of people have heard of, and are now following and now have been awoken to their own amazingness, because of their channels.

 Ester Hicks channels messages from Abraham. 

Abraham is described by Ester as ‘a group of entities’ which Ester is able to interpret messages through or ‘a group of consciousness from the non-physical dimension’ is another way Abraham had been described.

Her messages on vibrational energy are on-point & have hit home for myself many times, creating quite a few ‘aha’ moments in my life as they ring truths of wisdom withinside of me, sometimes giving the feeling that I had already known the answers.

Ester/Abraham’s channel is so very clear & easy to understand, which you can see from the snippet embedded from the full movie (A must take a peek at, below)  you may have heard of this well-known movie  ” The Secret”.

This movie is where Ester/Abraham has shared a large amount of inspired input came through their channel. Ester features in the original movie,  Most importantly, Ester/Abraham was the central source of inspiration towards making this movie possible.

Having come to an understanding of the Law of Attraction & applying it vibrationally has become a huge transformation in my life, actually not just for myself but for many others also, especially after these two movies were released ‘what the bleep do we know, which I first watched in 1999 and then The Secret’ which was released a few years later”.

These movies truly helped many to awaken & transform lives for the better. Ester’s channels explain that we are vibrational beings first and foremost,  opening people’s eyes to why many of the situations in their lives were unfolding the way they had.

Now, I would like to inspire you by sharing their message to you dear reader.

Ester Hicks/ Abraham Teaches Vibration

This is the beautiful soul I speak of Ester Hicks – an American inspirational speaker, she has been named by ‘Guru’ of personal development ”Louise Haye describing them as some of the best teachers on the planet today.

That says a lot for me and I am in utter agreeance with Louise Hayes words, that is why I feel compelled to write about their message as it is in full agreeance with my true inner beliefs.

Ester speaks a lot on ‘what we think and feel about is pretty much what we get back in our lives’ because our frequency creates a vibrational match, in that what we are attracting a same frequency and attracting it into our lives, a like attracting like vibration.

She explains that many still feel uncomfortable accepting the thought that they are vibrational beings, Ester calls us ‘magnificent’ vibrational beings, she explains to us that we are more energy than anything else.

More non-seeing, non-physical, non-tasting, non-touching. non-hearing energy beings than these flesh, blood and bone beings that we see. We, however, have done such an extraordinary job Ester explains, of evolving to this place of masterful interpreters of vibration through our” physical senses” to the point that we do not even realize that we are doing it.

Taste has a vibration, smell has a vibration, hearing, feeling, seeing all are of vibration, which we all have the ability within us to ‘feel’ these vibrations.

Because we were born interpreters, we tend to conclude that, what we interpret from our physical bodies is’ Reality’  Ester helps us understand that we are far, far, far more beyond our physical senses.

When you begin to attempt to sense vibration from the broader interpreter or in other words our ‘Emotional centre” Then you will get a true reading of who you are, and then and only then will you get to understand this true relationship that you have with yourself and non-physical energy Ester explains.

We are extensions of Non-Physical Energies, we stand here in these bodies as extensions of a much broader, older, wiser knowing, Ester/Abraham says.  Ester elaborates more in the video below.

Vibrational/Emotional Scale 

I share in my previous blogs information about a vibrational barometer and wanted to share the emotional scale that Ester/Abraham shares with us on where our vibrational energy lays inside of us, as emotions. Ester/Abraham has come up with a series of emotions that will help us work from the bad feelings up to the good-feeling ones.  Take a look below.

If you find where you are emotionally on the scale, and then try and find a higher thought & then holding these thoughts of good-feelings for as long as 17 seconds this “can, does and will” raise your energy. Focusing more on positive feeling aspects of what you want instead of the ‘hows and when’s is vital as these thoughts only plummet our vibe into a downward spiral.

Encouragement: Just start with small baby steps toward your Joy and ‘feel’ the difference every step of the way.

Below are the 22 emotions Ester/Abraham listed on her Emotional scale.                                      Which emotions do you mainly see your own self-vibrating from? Be honest.

  • 1. Joy /Appreciation / Empowerment /Freedom / Love
  • 2. Passion
  • 3. Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness       
  •  4. Positive Expectation/Belief
  • 5. Optimism
  • 6. Hopefulness
  • 7. Contentment
  • 8. Boredom
  • 9. Pessimism
  • 10. Frustration/Irritation/Impatience
  •  11. Overwhelment
  • 12. Disappointment
  • 13. Doubt
  • 14. Worry
  • 15. Blame
  •  16. Discouragement
  • 17. Anger
  • 18. Revenge
  • 19. Hatred/Rage
  • 20. Jealousy
  • 21. Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness
  • 22. Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness

Just Vibe High and Live in your own Joys

I know not everyone agrees with channeling or that everyone agrees with being vibrational beings either. For myself, you would see through all my blogs that I do agree with both Tesla and Einstein that ‘Everything is Energy’ and that if we really want to understand this Universe and everything is in it than it is important for ourselves to think in terms of vibration, energy, and frequency.

I encourage you, dear reader, to keep seeking and you shall find your truths, for that is also where you will find your true Joys. One thing I do know for sure is when you’re in a good-feeling vibing place ‘nothing’ could possibly take you out of or go wrong until you yourself, plummet into a low emotions through your negative thoughts, and stay stuck in that place then every situation and circumstance that comes before you will align with those lower energies attracting their like energy.

Try vibing higher than usual and see if you can reach your place of true Joy. It comes down to your thoughts and as Louise Hayes says”it is only a thought and your thoughts can be changed”.

You are a deliberate creator yet many are creating their lives in default mode. Choose the high vibe frequency to receive a high vibe life, let us all raise our own vibrational energies, to create the change needed for our world and earth, let us be the observer of our own emotions and consciously make the changes and choices in our lives for the betterment of ourselves and our planet.

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Thank you for reading my blog, Please leave a comment if you would like to share your views below.


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