He is a Positive Vibe ‘Bob Proctor’ as he explains about Paradigm Shifts.

2002 was the year I looked into a network marketing business in the health industry and I must say I learned so much about myself and my journey and life back then. There was a lot of up-building and everyone seemed to carry a positive vibe about them, that I enjoyed being in this amazing business. We had many positive books to keep our vibe high, we were always given positive things to join and network marketing seemed to have left a good memory inside of me, while I was in there.

Anyway, one of the memories I recall that stood out for me was being introduced to this amazing man Bob Proctor.



Our team leader paid, I’d say a couple of thousand dollars for us all (a group of about twenty) to learn this amazing stuff this man was teaching. We meet in a conference room and in that room, the information Bob Proctor shares actually blew my mind apart literally. Everything he was teaching us was going totally against what I had known and being taught.

Here Mr Bob was telling me it was my thinking that was creating my reality and I couldn’t believe the things he was saying. He showed us stick figures with round heads and the information he was sharing just got more in-depth as we were being taught about the conscious mind and the sub-conscious minds and how the body was an expression of the mind.



I hummed and haa-ed… at this new information Bob Proctor was sharing with us, maybe even scoffing at times, thinking how can this be possible and put it down to, ‘this man’s in a dream world’ and I just can not believe he was sharing such information to the mass. I used to ponder many times over what he shared with us though, it was as if something inside my mind couldn’t stop thinking on those things Bob shared.

I remember coming to my own conclusion that this was way too easy to even think possible, and as the weekend was coming to a completion we were given little wallet sized cards with a sentence that we were to recite daily which went something like “I am so happy and grateful now that… then we were to fill in the blanks with whatever it was that we were wanting to create.



I think I walked out from that seminar being half of a doubting Donna and another half sort of believing, in what I had learned from our weekend workshop. I know I wasn’t the only one who felt that way, I continued on my journey with this kind of a sit on the fence attitude because there seemed to have this ring of truth coming through my body and senses from here onward concerning Bobs genuineness in sharing his knowledge so bravely.

Looking back through the years I realized it was exactly what Bob explained to us back in 2002 something about our paradigm needed shifting.

The interesting thing about that whole weekend experience was. I never really heard his message about the paradigm shifts, it didn’t seep into my brain or didn’t even touch the sides of my ears when he shared his message back then talk about not being awake, I didn’t even realize something was blocking me from seeing or hearing what he was truly trying to explain? I didn’t know I had been programmed and had now created my own belief system, through what my life experience dish out to me.

Bob Proctors Vibe Shows Its Energy Again

I must admit Bob Proctor message never ever left my consciousness, I spoke continuously about him to many people whoever came onto my path even with my inner doubts, somewhere deep inside me I must have truly believed in a lot of what Bob spoke about, because people close to me thought I went a bit Mr Bob Proctor crazy as I wouldn’t shut up about him and his message.

A couple of years passed and it wasn’t until 2006 a dear friend gave me a movie called ‘The Secret’ Guess who was hosting the movie? Yes, The first face that was introducing this Law of Attraction was Mr Bob Proctor himself, and of course I watched the movie to the end but it wasn’t till after this movie, in that what Bob spoke about a couple of years ago now made so much more sense to me. I started walking more in consciousness concerning my own thoughts and using my imagination in creating more of what I desired these were starting to become a stronger belief inside of me that I was able to walk with a more positive upbeat energy.

I had learned about natural healing in December 1999 and continued on that path ever since, I learned about my own anatomy and physiology and delved into the natural healing world as a massage therapist, I had been taught many therapies that could assist others from a holistic point of view in Naturopathy looking at one’s self from the mind, body and Spirit perspective, I now know firstly, that I needed to learn about me, my strengths and weakness, and learn to observe my own thinking and feel what my vibration was emanating from off of me. Bob Proctor was one of the small group of mentors of mine who helped me expand my consciousness and awaken me to the world of this Law of Attraction showing me what it was I was attracting to myself whether negative or positive I was conscious of what I was doing now.

Twelve years on

It is now 2018 and I still follow Mr Bob Proctor to this day, he still continues to spearhead the way for each one of us to awaken by explaining about, what paradigm shift really means. He has shared about what we are attracting to ourselves is from the way we are thinking and he has also opened up the doors for many to learn more about their own consciousness through his Proctor network.


Below Bob Proctor explains this paradigm shift more in his video below.


Bob Proctor – Shares his Vibrational Message

Today Bob Proctor still shares the same message from when I first heard of him and I am excited to share his latest messages from his vibrational perspective. Bob speaks about our bodies being a mass of energy which vibrates and glows. He explains that our brain is an electronic switching station and that our thoughts we think dictates the vibration we are in. Negative will always draw a negative low vibration and visa versa, positive will attract a high positive vibration into our lives. Bob explains more in this short 2-minute video.




Vibrational Awakening

It has been a great journey through these last 15 years, into my own awakening and searching more into the world of quantum physics, this topic keeps growing my excitement to eagerly learn more about everything about energy. Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla renowned scientists both shared that ‘everything is energy’ and that if we really want to understand the secrets of this Universe we were to’ think in terms’ of vibration, energy and frequency.

Well, today we are very fortunate to being able to learn all about the possible potentials that we can attract into our lives because Bob Proctor has opened a doorway, inviting the mass once again to join him and Sandy in a live-stream event, where he explains this paradigm shift in depth and he shows how one can come to a better understanding about their own vibrational frequency and how to use it to allow into their lives whatever it is that they desire.

So..I am excited to invite you, dear reader, to join us at this special event before the doors close. If you feel you would like to learn more or maybe a little curious to find out more about what Bob Proctor has to share then just press on the image below and let it take you into registering for this exciting event.



Thank you for reading my blog and I hope to see you enjoying a life where it has meaning and purpose and where you too are enjoying a joyous life to the fullest because you now also understand about the Paradigm shift within You  also Dear Precious Soul!


Michelle aka Energyess






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  1. I have to highly agree with this article in more ways than one. I’m ALWAYS thinking positively, no matter the circumstances, no matter what odds are on my side, I always come out on top and that is because I know whatever happens I can make it work, and I’ve done this throughout my entire life and I am always happy and almost nothing can bring me down.

    1. It is wonderful hearing of ones who are able to keep their positivity in alignment no matter the circumstances, I know it takes alot of work and effort to be able to do so, so well done Brandon to you, as many are very unconscious that they are living a low unhappy life because that’s all they have grown up and have known. Shifting their paradigm to a happier more joyous life is something Bob Proctor is great at for the ones who need it and I am glad he is spearheading personal-development for all of consciousness. Glad you are in a great place withinside your being Brandon you must be a wonderful person to be around full of vibrant energy (something the outdoors in nature gives to us all also). Thank you for your comment appreciate it so much.

  2. Hi Michelle,

    Since I “meet” Bob Proctor, and I have started to really understand and connect with his knowledge, my life changed like night and day! First I was, like you, amazed by the information he’s sharing. After I recovered from the shock, everything became much clearer to me. I like your story a lot!

    To change our paradigm, in other words, to make a shift from negative or limited thinking to a positive and abundant thinking takes a lot of time and effort. However, those who will follow Mr. Bob’s instructions and stay persistent until they complete the shift, they will enjoy the new, much more vibrant life! Thank you for sharing this information with us. I honestly recommend everyone who is reading this post to get closer into Mr. Bob Proctor’s work. All the best.


    1. Its is a pleasure hearing from ones who truly understand the paradigm shift and thank you for explaining it so well Ivan, I do agree that making the shift from a negative way of thinking to a more positive outlook truly does take a lot of personal time and effort for things to change. Bob Proctor is a great mentor for anyone as you had agreed and getting to know him truly will bring joy into their lives. Thank you for your comment Ivan, appreciate it so much. Namaste

  3. I love Bob Proctor. Haven’t watched him in years.
    It was such a delight to see still going hard and message is still the same. I enjoyed the videos and it all came back what I learned many years ago.
    Thank you for sharing this 😉

    1. Thank you, Diane, for your comment, Yes Bob Proctor is an amazing mentor in the self-development arena and Im glad you were able to remember his message on paradigm shifts through the videos. I am glad you enjoyed my post as he has so much valuable information to share with us all. Bob is having a special live-stream in October please keep that in mind maybe you would like to join in on this exciting event. Again Thank you, Diane, appreciate your comment.

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