‘WATER SMACKER’ Exceptional High Vibing Water!  



PRICE:  $350 USD


CHARGES UP TO 1-2 Litres every 24hrs


The Water Smacker will last many years


The Water Smacker product overview

Water… a vital substance for our existence & well-being, today many people are becoming more conscious of its power for creating a healthier life. They say…6-8 glasses is what we need to stop our bodies from dehydrating and for it to stay on the healthy path, but are we all hearing this important message? and if we are conscious enough, is our water really as healthy as we presumed?

Today, we are fortunate enough to get our hands on some ‘exceptional water’

Yes, not just ‘ok’ water, that we purchase from off the shelves at the supermarket or from the filtered tap water, but water that has the potential to reactivate, rejuvenate, cleaning plaque from out of our arteries, leaving us feeling energetic boosting our energy, clears headaches and all those sickly feelings that we experience inside. This is what makes “The Water Smacker” stands out from other alkaline ionized water machines, they take healing, one step further by using the 7.5hz healing frequency of the earth. It is the earth’s energy frequency used for the vitality of all life on this planet whether in the plant life, animals, or in our lives as humans. We are ‘part of Mother earth’ as everything in mother earth can also be found in ourselves, this makes it important for us to ‘be one and in balance with her’. She vibrates our waters at her frequency in a super low deep bass tone but sadly today much of our waters have been polluted or contaminated by metals, chemicals and man-made creations making our waters so out of balance & unhealthy.


Water has always been known to humans as the spice for life, and the most vital element for our survival, mainly because it is the only substance that we are mostly made of up to 65-85% water. Water can boost our metabolism resulting in various health benefits, it carries hormones, nutrients, and oxygenates our body organs, removes the dead cells, our waste material and toxins from our bodies. Water, is also vital for our planet? About 75% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water, where our oceans hold about 96.5 percent of all Earth’s water. Water also exists in the air as water vapor, in rivers and lakes, in icecaps and glaciers, in the ground as soil moisture and in aquifers, and even in you and I.


What makes this smacked water different from the rest? The Water Smacker can microclusters, ionizes and negatively charges our drinking water giving real positive results.  High vibrational energy has always been good for healing, & water truly is and always will be one of the tops on my list for great health & better living. Through my studying in Naturopathy, I’d been taught how beneficial drinking alkaline ionically charged water was for the body and my clients.

We were taught, diseases cannot live in alkaline water especially cancer!

The Water SMACKER alkaline charged machine is the one I have decided to review to help others understand the difference between ‘good water v Exceptional water’.  The diagram below shows the benefits of drinking from the water SMACKER.

WATER SMACKER special features are shown above – the toroidal circuit in the lid that runs off a mear x12volts but creates up to an amazing 6000-volt micro-amps, creating a energy to multi-cluster in the water longitudinally from down the negative charging stainless-steel antennae rod, getting the positive charge from the aluminum inner sheeting. It definitely is a product every home would benefit from, especially, if you are serious about great health and high energized water. Two biggies for every household.


Blood Doctor shows the benefits of drinking Alkaline ionized water


When you can see from the diagram above the benefits of drinking supercharged water, has plenty of positive benefits!! – it increases oxygen delivery, nutrients get delivered to the body faster, circulation of blood improves, lowers the risk of plaque build-up and the illness that comes with them, but importantly, helps the heart as it doesn’t have to work so hard to distributing all the oxygen around. You have practically Smacked your body into health!


AS you can see there are many alkaline water machines, all with their own unique benefits. I would like to share  Andrews experience as he explains the difference below, from drinking Kangen water for 5 years before he changed over to The Water Smacker, let us listen below.

1. One of his points he experienced with drinking Kangen water was he noticed too much current being used in his Kangen machine compared to his Water Smacker, which runs on radio frequency & not a currency, so no moving of metal, no erosion in the electrodes Andrew says concerning his Smacker machine compared with his Kangen machine.


2. The Water Smacker hydrogen ionizes your drinking water.

3. The Water Smacker micro-clustered the water.

4. The Water Smacker sends a 7.5 Hz into the water. No other alkaline machine does this or from a non-Hertzian energy (static energy from in the air) This is what truly makes The Water Smacker unique!

7.5 is neutral no too much acid nor too much alkaline it stands in a neutrally balanced frequency’





Emphasizing again the Uniqueness  of ‘The Water Smacker’



Only recently had it been brought to my attention that our bottled waters had an alkaline chemical added to them to ‘so call’ boost our waters, these are actually unnatural to our bodies & upsetting to the digestive system.


Alkaline chemicals added to water do not reduce blood plasma Ph much, as properly charged micro-clustered water will. It takes a lot more to chemically alter the bodies pH because those chemicals also greatly affect the digestive by interfering with the function of the stomach acid. Charged micro-clustered water does not get neutralized nor does it affect the digestion. Artificial high pH water lies!

We know that we are mainly made up of water, and we definitely know it is a vital substance needed for our health and well-being. Drinking water from the tap does not give you, your body or energy the frequency needed to vibe at your highest potential. Listen as Dr Michael shows the benefits to drinking alkaline ionized water and how soda drinks can destroy the goodness inside our bodies.


I am hoping you see, dear reader that it is truly the time to re-charge your life ‘Now’ with high vibrating water. Your body deserves to be pampered from the inside out! This beautiful device deserves your vibrational attention.

Want to know more about The SMACKER then click on any of the images or go to the Water Smacker website here.

Smacked water tastes better and gives you the energy needed to enjoy this life to the fullest, you feel more alert and a sense of greater well-being! Water Smacker water has the same healing properties as alkaline water produced by other ionizing machines costing thousands of dollars where with Smacker your are getting a great deal, money back guaranteed for an easy $350.00 USD Totally worth it!.

It was “Smacking great” that you came over and had a read of my blog, Please help us spread the importance of health, by Supporting the Water Smacker by ‘trying one out’. Guaranteed to do as it says or your money back! We can back up all that we say.

Price could never be too high, if it is your health and well-being put first, and I know there are many who are on a very tight budget so I have put together a link just for you ones who are keen to have an alkaline machine in your home at an affordable price, can go to this link here.

Healthy water is my passion for all who are willing to listen and alkaline ionized micro-clustered water is what I am here to share for our health and well being, I have personally chosen the Smacker for my own personal reasons but just bringing attention to your water intake was a vital message for me to share the reason I put this review together!


Please leave a comment down below if you would like to share your views or would like to leave a comment.

Thank you

Michelle Louise Wineera


*This product is shared to you through ‘Share’a’sale Affiliate’ please note this in your purchase, for this gives me a small commission.

*  FDA disclaimer – Not a medical device.

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  1. Hello Michelle, wonderful review on the Water Smacker. I am very serious when it comes to drinking plenty of water, especially if it’s healthy. This water machine would be very useful to me, despite that high price. I will have to look for it. Thanks again, and I wish you the best of luck with your website!!

    1. Ahmad I appreciate your comment especially when it comes to water. I am glad it has caught your attention to bringing awareness, for you also in wanting to spread the importance of drinking healthy water. I love my water smacker and it does everything that they have said even the shock from the water lol. Price is really nothing when it comes to health I’m sure you would agree. Thank you again. Many thanks sent your way.

  2. Thanks for a very informative review, you covered all the details about the product really well. I found it very interesting to read about the benefits of drinking healthy water. There are so many products around that claim to do this and even though we have been researching this recently, it still becomes confusing with the different and sometimes contradictive type of information available.

    1. I agree with you Helen, that is true there are many products out claiming this and that but as long as people are aware and drinking good water for their health is what would be of importance for me I chose the water smacker as my own personal preference through prayer and asking Great Spirit as I knew I needed a machine that would work with my frequency, the water smacker is what was shown me and I brought it without no hesitation as I trusted the answer would come and it did for me. Thank you so much for your comment appreciate so much.

  3. Thanks Michelle for the great review! Lots of useful information and tips.
    I was wondering how long have you been using Water Smacker and what have you been noticing in your health and life. Have you tried any other alkaline water machines?

    1. Hi Elektra Thank you for your comment I appreciate it very much, I have had my smacker maybe 5weeks now, I know there are many machines out there I chose the smacker as my own preference only for the hum frequency of mother earth as I learnt alot about the benefits of grounding and the water smacker gave the same affects. I had an ovarian cancer scare and so I asked Great Spirited for me an alkaline machine that would benefit me and my vibration, Spirit showed me The Water Smacker and I brought it in trust from the Universe. Thank you again Elektra

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