How I raised my vibration, advice for the Newbie,

Protecting your vibe from negativity is becoming such a common practice today, especially for many who are aware of their own energy. Awakened people are consciously caring about how their energy is vibrating out from off of themselves & onto others. They consciously care about another person’s vibrational space & have come to realize the importance of avoiding being around low vibe, negative people, situations, and circumstances, because of the feeling it leaves inside them, contaminating their own energy field, which will plummet down to a low frequency from another’s persons low energy, which it may do so, without you even knowing.

Have you been around people that are always negative: Complainers, drama queens/kings, haters, ones full of jealousy or people who are just right out rude and negative and nasty. Doesn’t it leave a horrid feeling inside when you’re near them? A lot of these low energy circumstances, you may have experienced growing up with as a child, having seen these traits from the grown-ups in our lives, maybe today these qualities we may have brought through into our own lives putting those low energies on to our own children or others. (Yelling & screaming at them, calling them nasty names, thrashing, pushing and punching them, controlling them and putting conditions on them) luckily because of all the knowledge out there,  on personally developing ourselves, there now is a new understanding, and yet, many have ‘no idea’ about that these situations. Life does not have to be that way if we ‘all’ would personally and deliberately choose to find, a higher harmonious frequency vibe withinside ourselves to live from. When we know and come to realize that each one of us vibrates an energy from deep within and that a frequency will emanate, off of us from what we may choose to think, & we become so aware as the watchers of our own frequencies and consciousness. An experience arises from that balanced state from within, it steers you & your life into a different direction, an opposite direction, to what you’ve been used to living, which all came about with the shift to higher frequencies that you decided to choose and experience.


Which comes naturally to you? A happy mind or an angry, negative sad, mad mind? We all know the first one always feels better, the latter will leave you drained it doesn’t elevate, energize or uplift your frequency at all. So how can we keep a healthy steady good-feeling, general place inside, that will keep us in that high vibe?

Here are a few tips to help you shift your energy, aligning you back to a more positive state, to practice so you can bring these qualities into your life, now!

Don’t think about that thing you don’t want to think about. 

Become the observer of your own thoughts instead of looking outside of yourself and stop comparing yourself to others. What comes out of your mouth,  your mind and senses sends out a frequency and will create what you perceive to being your reality. This vibe is what people will pick up off of you first, remember this! Do you speak Loving words then Loving situations and circumstances will magnetically be drawn to you? Don’t forget what you send out comes back “identically” to your frequency, that you hold deep within, for instance – you can not get Love from any energy or anyone, if your vibrating a hateful or angry energy, it will push people away from you, because they are at a different frequency level, Love is higher than hate. ‘Like only attracts like’  energies something we must all consciously remember in this new awareness of energy awakening.


Knowing now that our vibe is vital to changing our environment and life for the better, one must come to a place of Appreciating everything that they have  & holding on to that vibe for as long as you can when experiencing that wonderful sensation. WHY? because of what comes back to you from the energy that your holding. Appreciation is very high on the vibrational chart and practicing it more often does and will bring in more to be grateful for. Complaining about this and that, only takes away from you and your life, bringing in more of the same energy, toward you. Hating this and that gravitates more haters in your life. Jealousy is said to be ‘rottenness to the bone’ and can create a dis-ease within our bodies from such low frequencies. Drama creates more drama. I hope you’re getting the picture here! When you start appreciating everything you don’t have room for those low vibe energies, and soon they become an energy you prefer to stay away from or avoid altogether.


Kindness comes deep from within the heart of unconditional love and when one is kind they have a kindness that will emanate deep from within them. They believe in their self-worth, they are persons who love themselves, not from an egoic point of view, & being kind to themselves becomes a top priority, so that they too, can extend themselves out to be kind to others, “regardless of how they maybe treat you?” Kindness is known as one of the fruitages of the Spirit and a high vibration. Its meaning is to – Be friendly, generous or considerate. Are these qualities something you live by?. If not, I ask that from this point, if you’re looking to make positive changes in your life then learn to be kind to all of Great Spirits creations, that means You also.


When someone is in meditation they are in a state of stilling their mind, they are relaxed, focused and intuitively hearing messages from deep within, & is a place where our questions will also be answered. Vibrational frequency levels may rise very high in meditation that your energy can connect you with higher channels helping guide you to what your next mission in life may be. Trusting in the message is vital, they become clearer, where eventually you see your lives purpose. The mind & heart are non-stopping tools and will keep pumping ideas and thoughts (even ideas that may be of no use to you)  learning to stop the chatter does become a skillful art. Meditation is key to shutting down negative thoughts. Learn meditation – The Stilling of the Mind in the pace and silence is something I would encourage everyone to participate in.


There are many therapies one can use to heal their energy, one I recommend is by having a vibrational healing through Reiki or Bio-Energy Healing or many other therapies out there. These types of healings. restore back one’s energual frequency, unblocks, balances and boost’s all the systems – (Physical, Mental & Energual). Other tools one may use are objects like crystals these have many frequencies of different kinds when you understand their properties, you will then know what crystal to use for the different types of energy blockages that you may need to unblock & to heighten or booster your vibrational energy. Oils use their vibration through the sense of smell or are absorbed into the body through massage therapy, or by soaking in the bath or burning in the air from an oil burner. Other vibrational healings techniques could be through sound frequencies, or light frequency, Natural & organic foods all can balance the body by transferring their frequency vibration back into the body to restore it. Homeopathy is very beneficial as many of the products are created from pure natural vibration. There are many ways to unblock your energies, it will come down to your own preference & way of healing. I encourage you to at least give one therapy a try on your energual journey. Below you get to have a peek at a healing done through Bio-energy, this method of therapy is an amazing experience if you have had one of these healings.



This is a biggy for me, one that gets shoved to the side as non-important with many yet, water is what makes up a huge percentage of our body mass, around 65 -85% of our being, it has been quoted as. Water and vibration play a significantly big role in our frequency level. What we say and think has been proven to cause a change in our bodies and can raise our vibrational system or lower it, this comes down to what thoughts we are holding on to from deep within.  Holding feelings from a Love & above vibration gives out so much more joy and benefits,  appreciating our water when holding it & giving thanks for it quenching our thirst to hydrate your body can also do alot of good. The vibration of the sun, moon and Mother Earth are very powerful sources where their frequency is also in your precious water. Next time you are drinking water show appreciation by Thanking it before or while drinking it.

The amazing Dr Emoto Masuru shows us how water reacts to certain words in his crystal experiment. He found different words had a different frequency and he knew they would produce a different response. Above is the video, showing the amazing outcomes. Remember we are a high percentage of water and if thoughts can do that to water, what are our thoughts doing to us?

I am passionate about balancing my Mind, Body & Spirit’s health, one of the biggest concerns of keeping a high healthy vibration… is drinking water. Water is our spice in life, having the knowledge & understanding about the difference between ordinary low charge acidic water to a high healthy ionized charged water makes a big difference to a healthy body.  Here I share two water products that I am impressed with and definitely have included them in my healthy water for high vibrational energy living.


Soji’s intent, to creating us a high vibe drinking water bottle is a great idea, it shows us how we can heighten our vibration from their water,  by infusing positive energies into our water through the use of crystal stones, given from Mother Earth whose vibration is very important for our human existence. These crystals are used to enhance our vibration and bring harmony back into our cells.  You could DIY this idea straight away by making our own infused water by bottling your own special crystals that you may have already purchased to specifically customize your water to suit your own energy healing. If you are interested in purchasing your own Soji bottle then press on the image and it will take you straight to the Soji website.

 Though this idea was an ingenious creation I also wanted to bring your attention to this amazing idea that I know can do some miraculous healing to the body because of the charge it has, by bringing a balance to the PH level in the body. Too much acid can be very damaging to the body causing many diseases to the body but this beauty of a device was created with the intent of improving mankind’s inner health through micro-clustered ionized negative charged drinking water enhancing the water to a positive atmosphere of ionic charge, this mechanism is called ‘The Water SMACKER.

This machine needs it owns space for me to talk about such a great machine go head over to THE WATER SMACKER review if you are interested in learning more.


A revision never hurts anyone’s vibe so let us have a look at these easy tips that can help you raise your vibe higher to the point where you are enjoying a more happier and healthier vibrant life, each an every moment.

  1. Watch your space and observe your surroundings of where any negativity shows. Be the master of your inner space.
  2. Watch your thoughts and don’t sit too long in the negative ones, try pulling out real quick. Distract the thought until you feel your energy shift into a more peaceful place.
  3. Appreciate everything, become a Pollyanna and see everything in a positive, happy state.
  4. Be Kind to every living creature by living it.
  5. Meditate by silencing the mind otherwise, chatter-mind distracts you off your path.
  6. Give yourself a vibrational healing – Soak in a  hot pool to relax every cell, dance to jiggle them cells, run to free them cells, get a Reiki healing to energize the cells.
  7. Drink plenty of water! Your cells are you if you are dehydrated and your bodies organs are dehydrated a downward spiral in your health will definitely happen somewhere in your life. You can prevent that by filling your body daily with the spice it needs ‘Water’.

Hey, Thanks for coming over and having a read of my blog if you feel you would like to make a comment, feel free in doing so would be nice to hear others thoughts.

Vibe High!

Michelle aka Energyess

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  1. Wow What an amazing post this is a must read for all. we live in such a negative world today and if more people read this and adjust what a better world it would be. Thank you so much for this awesome post.

    1. Thank you for your comment David, I appreciate you having a read of my post and enjoying the content. I also am grateful to you for taking the time & effort in giving a comment, I know how busy peoples lives are, so you rock. High vibe to buddy! Namaste!

  2. This is so cool and interesting! Thanks for the advice to raise vibration for a newbie. I used to meditate. I would sit and focus on my breath. And after a while, I find myself relaxed and at peace. My breathing was deeper and it was so nice to do long breaths and get lots of air in my body.

    But for a long time now, I find I cannot get into meditation. I think it is because of my work. I work 7 days a week, from 8.30 am to 11 pm. This is due to lots of projects, which is good cos they pay the bills. Do you have any advice for me to get back into a meditative state easily?

    1. High vibe, Timotheus Thank you so much for your comment – Nice to hear you used to meditate and am still conscious of doing so. I thought I would send a link from a lady I highly respect her name is Ester Hicks and her channel I follow. She featured in the movie ‘The Secret’ which was channeled through her and put together from the clear, in-tuned, insight she shares but I thought you would enjoy this clip because You were doing well by just sitting focusing on your breath until you found peace deep within but now Timotheus see if you can enjoy finding all those satisfying situations in each and every moment as a meditation. I know it will sound better coming from Esther Hicks – Abraham Hicks. Go have a listen and you will see meditation from a whole new prespective.

  3. I have been overrun with work and trying to keep up with daily life that I have been noticing myself slip away from the old happy me. This article makes a lot of sense, I need to focus more on the important things and not drive myself crazy and let myself become another miserable being on this plane. Thank you so much for this article, I will be watching the negative spaces around me so much more closely and working on getting back to my normal happy self. Thank you again for this.

    1. Hi AJ Thank you so much for your comment, yes you got the point neither of us wants to be miserable in life but many have no where to go to find answers for themselves, but I thought you would enjoy this snippet from Ester Hicks who featured on the secret amazing lady whom I respect highly her vibrational wealth is immense, I enjoy her channel and her vibrational energy alot and I feel she may help you too by her magnificence. You will understand the power you have within, enjoy!

  4. I am appreciative of the house that I live in, the beautiful view I have from my window of the park behind my house, I am appreciative of my son and the joy he brings me, I appreciate my family and how they are here for me and helping me out by letting me live rent free with them. Being a single mom is so hard, but I am also appreciative to be a single mom so that I do not have to discuss or argue about how I am parenting my son with another person. Every decision is up to me. I really like that. I also appreciate my health and well being and the fact that I am not ill. I appreciate all the abundance that is going to come my way very soon ( I can say that right? lol )

    1. I feel your appreciation, your vibrational energy comes through very strongly. I appreciate you also for your comment Sophia and yes abundance will gravitate towards you and your child I believe that also but I would encourage the last sentence to your comment as being more in the present tense as “I appreciate all the abundance I am enjoying now and be in that good-feeling place, 17 secs is all you need so you can draw more of that vibration closer towards you. Gratitude and appreciation sent your way.

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