Louise L Hay, this beautiful lady has been renowned for being an amazing  metaphysical lecturer, one of the best motivational authors of new thought & self-help books, she has been dubbed the closest thing to a living ‘Saint’ as she has assisted millions of people in discovering how to use their full potential for creating their own creative powers for personal growth and self-healing, she is the founder of Hay House and was one of my first mentors on my metaphysical journey, so I write this blog to share my Louise Hay experience.

2001 Massage school

I had just finished 3 years of studying Naturopathy and was now learning hands-on massage in sports, therapeutic and myofascial massage, here I learned so much more about the body in how it was all connected together, the muscular system gave me much insight into how it all worked with the rest of the body, this information aided me also in how I would treat each of my clients with their healing. I enjoyed learning anatomy and physiology, there is something special about understanding the mechanic’s of how the body is created with all its functionalities, I marvel at its magnificence.

Teachers library

We were introduced to our massage tutors great collection of books for our studies in her library. I seemed to have been drawn to all her metaphysical books.  That was when I glanced at Louise Hay’s book You can heal your life’.

It was a book I had seen a few years ago and I had connected again with its wisdom, the rainbow heart was what had caught my attention as I had seen that heart before, but the information that she shares inside that book is what opened my eyes wide to how unaware I had been to my own thoughts and thinking and the effects it had on creating my life.

I read that it was my thinking that was creating all these negative emotions inside of me, I continued reading with astonishment at what she was sharing with me, she shared her own experience of having cancer and in how she was able to heal herself from that dis-ease and gave some really good exercises to help anyone understand where their thinking may have come from and how it would trigger other negative thoughts withinside me, she then shares the importance of myself needing to let go and forgive a lot of the past that I was holding onto inside of me, otherwise the dis-ease withinside myself would consume my body and being, but the most important thing I noticed most of all was how she taught me to ‘love myself wholeheartedly’ –  mind, body and soul.

A New Edition of ‘You can heal your Life’

I was on a very lucky streak when I went to purchase my own ‘You can heal your life book’ after returning my tutors book back to the library. The bookstore that I went to purchase my own copy was having a ‘two books for the price of one’ sale and Louise Hay had two of her books in this 2for1 special, wrapped nicely together as a bundle. Ecstatic at not only owning my own copy of ‘You can heal your Life’ even though it was the new edition and it didnt have the rainbow heart on the cover, I still was fortunate enough to be enjoying the little blue book ‘Heal your body’. I was so excited as I had read so much about the little blue book of Louise Hays that having both these books in one package was an absolute score for me.

Diseases can be Reversed

Could you imagine having cancer and then being told that this dis-ease can be reversed? would you or could you believe it? or any disease for this matter?  I really didn’t know how to take Louise’s view on this when I first read of her speaking of this, it was something deep inside of me that wanted it to be true, but it wasn’t till after reading Louise’s cancer experience that she shows the reader that it is absolutely possible for it to being real as Louise healed her own cancer and lived till a very nice age of 90 years old.

Seeing this deadly disease taking millions of lives was my reason why I couldn’t believe it at first but If she had a cure or some sort of answer, I wanted to know what it was she knew so I too could prevent getting this disease, and bringing her knowledge and experience to peoples attention, and share what it was she had discovered.

When Louise Hay shares her cancer experience with us readers in her ‘you can heal your life book’. she lets us know that she was well aware that her cancer came from a pattern of a deep resentment that she had been holding for a long time until it literally ate away at her body.

She openly shares her childhood background of being raped at 5 years and being a battered child, two big factors toward her developing her cancer.. Louise knew she had a lot of inner work to do withinside herself, she knew that the mental patterns that created her condition are what she needed to work on if she didn’t want to go under the knife and get operated on.

I was amazed at how she postponed her operation for three months and diligently began working on herself with the help of her metaphysical teacher who helped her to clear all the old patterns of resentment she was holding within. A lot of forgiveness was instore she said firstly to herself and then others. Louise changed her way of eating and detoxed her body and kept everything around her positive. She was so successful that when going back to the doctors they were amazed that she had completely worked cancer out of her body where there was no trace of cancer in her body.

The great thing about Louise was she not only was able to heal her own body, she then turns around and started helping others. She was seeing similarities or patterns in her students, they were experiencing the same type of illnesses & the same type of negative thinking, as they all share their thought patterns and ailments in her group studies Louise was taking on a weekly basis. Louise knew that ‘if’ her students were willing to do the mental work of releasing and forgiving, almost anything can be healed.

Her students were able to see that for every effect in their lives there was a thought pattern that preceded and maintained it, it’s our consistent thinking patterns that creates our experiences so in changing our thinking patterns Louise knew we would change the experience we were going through.

You can heal your body 

I, was really taken by all that I was being taught by Louise Hay in my two books that I had purchased and started using her book as an aid on myself and my massage clients, we were able to go through their pains physically, look at their emotions and mental patterns and helping them understand why their bodies were reacting the way it was from a holistic approach, teaching them to nurture and nourish their mind, body and Spirit.


Some of Louise Hays philosophies


* We are each responsible for our own experiences in lifeno one else is thinking in our head but ourselves, so we cannot blame anyone else for how our journey is unfolding.

* Every thought we think creates our futurenegative thoughts create negative futures this also applies if it was positive thoughts and a positive future.

* Our point of power is always in the present moment – The Now is where to stay focused, don’t go too far into the future/past, Many people are days, weeks and even years ahead of themselves and lose their power, health and beingness.

* Everyone suffers from self-hatred and guiltOur mind plays tricks on ourselves so be careful of the negative chatter you do to yourself, no matter what has been done or happened, you must ‘let go and forgive yourself’ instead of beating yourself up inside your head.

* Its only a thought and a thought can be changedThe ‘art’ is to ‘stop that negative thought right away by changing it to a better feeling thought. It will be like playing tennis in your head at first but eventually, the chattering voice does quieten.

* We create every so-called ailment in our bodies. Our thinking is so powerful that it can literally cause ourselves to eat at ourselves with every negative thought unless we work on ourselves from the inside out.

* Resentment, criticism, and guilt are the most damaging patterns. These are the lowest traits on the emotional chart and destructive to one’s own emotional and physical health, being actually close to perilously proximate to one taking their own life.

* Releasing resentment will dissolve every cancer. This is very important, the letting go of all the negatives from our past that we seem to hold on to, so we can regain our health and well-being back.

* Bottom line for everyone is ‘Im not good enough’  Don’t let the mind play havoc with you, You are a perfect, beautiful and definitely worthy of having a joyous, happy, abundant life too.

* We must be willing to begin to learn to Love ourselves – Louise takes her students through mirror work which is very powerful when looking into your own eyes and telling yourself you love your beautiful Self so much.

* We must release the past and forgive everyone – We may not move forward into the life of joy, peace, love or expansion if we hold on to a horrid past that had brought so much pain and hurt into our young lives, it will only continue and bring you more of the same type of likeness toward you, even create an illness if you hold on too long.

* Self-approval & self-acceptance in the now are the keys to positive changes.  – Accepting yourself does and will bring those positive changes but it has to start from within you first and in the present moment.

* When we really Love ourselves everything in our life works – 

Love is a beautiful trait and if we can love ourselves in an un-egotistical way putting ourselves first instead of the other way and forgetting about your precious self then…. life smiles down on you with much goodness.


I started practising a lot of what I learned from Louise from my books she gave me affirmations for each of my ailments which I would recite many times a day. The best thing was Louise had done the hard work with all her students for nearly over 65 years since her being in her late twenties and her philosophies were working for many. Having these books gave me the knowledge I needed to change my way of thinking with exercises to guide me through my healing.

Some of my ailments with their affirmations from Louise’s books.

Here Louise gives us readers the Problem, the probable cause, and then gives us a new thought pattern. I had lower back and hip pains, so here I was able to go to my book, look up ‘back problems’ and there, we can see that the back represents the support of life. I see my probable cause was, I was in lack of financial support, in fear of the lack of money, coming from a scarce place and thinking in lack of, or not having enough.

Wow, I was impressed because that was exactly where I was coming from at the time, so I knew my next move would be to focus more on what my new thought pattern encouraged me to do.

Back –  

I had to talk to myself, letting myself know that life always supports me no matter what and that I needed to trust more in the process of life & in the Universe. I needed to believe that all my needs were taken care of and that I was safe, courageous and to enjoy my independence.

Well, it wasn’t easy at first, I sorta had to play pretend until my feelings within were vibing from a genuine place. Sometimes it didn’t feel like that there was support or enough and so the scarce feelings, easily can make one hold back from sharing & giving or even trusting that things were working out perfectly or that there is enough for all.

Hips – 


I ended up recording my own voice and putting all my affirmations on a tape so that I could hear my affirmations in the car, as my mind was good at wondering to some small, petty, minute, iddy biddy, problem – I noticed the mind liked jumping over to the negative lots and that I needed to find all these new tools to gently quietening it and enjoy a mind of stillness, as that is where everything wonderful and delicious is and can be created.

Affirmations became good for me especially when I really needed to replace them really deep negative thoughts, that had kept me stuck or in a victim place. I had affirmations printed and blasted on my bedroom walls, I would listen to my own voice and recite them daily which I have found to be something we all must do on a daily basis to be enjoying that life we truly dream of.

I have learned so much since first finding Louise Hays ‘You can heal your life book’ and knowing the benefits of having your own copy in your library I feel would be great for your collections.

Her books have genuinely brought balance back into mine and my children’s lives and from a mind, body, spirit –  metaphysical perspective because of learning alot about what makes us unique as the persons that we are today.


I encourage anyone looking to bring holistic well-being into their lives to look at purchasing their own copy and start walking their own journey to healing their lives and body with Louise Hay also.

Thank you for reading my blog and if you would like to know more or ask any questions then please leave a comment below.






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  1. Hi Michelle. Quite an incredible write up about a very amazing lady. I have read her book and I too had to readjust the negative thoughts that I had. She made it so simple for anyone to learn.
    I think you have done a wonderful job of representing Louise Hay. She may have passed on but her words will continue to help many more, awaken their beautiful selves.
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us.
    Much appreciated 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Diane for your wonderful comment I agree wholeheartedly about Louise being an amazing lady and I appreciate you also sharing how you needed to readjust your own thinking as Louise truly does make it simple for anyone to learn if they are willing. I believe her wocontirds will definitely nue helping many to awaken to their own magnificence also. You are so welcomed and I appreciate you also. Namaste Diane

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