Hello, my name is Michelle aka Energyess,

I look at myself as an Energual Being of Light, vibration, and frequency. Feeling my inner energy has guided me and given me direction in life, as it shows me where my vibration lays within which I have become aware of and recognize more of through my emotions.

I am here to share my Energual journey as I walk my vibrational path which I have done, since the starting of my exploration into the world of healing in late December of 1998.

I have been blessed in experiencing the sharing of energies through energy workshops, massage, Reiki, studying Naturopathy, and connecting with other like-minded energual beings.

These experiences have driven me to share my journey with others on a vibrational healing level hoping to guide ones to a life full of high frequency that saturates their beingness with a deep love of Self while also guiding others into a life of joy and clarity.

I enjoyed learning anatomy & physiology while studying sports/therapeutic massage/Naturopathy. We were taught about the body from the atom outward, understanding our body from the cells to the organs and systems of the body.

I wanted to learn more about the body on an energy level, which I achieved through my  Reiki I & II certificates, this is where my story begins as I magnetically get drawn into this magic power of pure positive energy.

With energy-healing was a learning of being taught to go within ones-self, (like inside ourselves to the peace & Stillness).  We come to an understanding of ourselves from withinside the atom, beyond the subatomic & quarks to what we call ‘our energy, Pure Positive Energy’.

It is this energy that I have been shown to have an amazing power within it. Creating those miracles it heals diseases, clears chakra’s and protects our energy from other low forms of energy,  it creates abundance and many other great miraculous moments. (Which we will talk about in more detail in my other blogs).

Below I wanted to share a video with you giving an idea of energy healing as well as showing you techniques that you can use straight away if interested in strengthing your own energy fields. Don’t think nothing is happening either just because you can’t see energy. Believe You Can and it happens, you will feel so good afterward!

I came to learn that I was the Master of my own vibrational energy!

There was so much I learned and came to understand, as things became clearer as life unfolded. A feeling where my senses heightened especially my 6th sense, I was receiving messages I, needed for my journey.

I have come to enjoy working alongside my vibrational energy frequency, feeling &  listening with my special friend, Intuition.  I would like to add a side point to this…there is also another voice which isn’t so sweet, many call it, the “Chatter-mind, Monkey-mind”. This is where our thinking can steer us onto a road full of’ imbalances’ especially if you are thinking from a low-frequency place.

This will put a lot of negative thoughts through your mind, creating negative situations and circumstances in your life, even to the point where you can make yourself so sick physically, creating a dis-ease withinside your body, you may even go as far as shunning away people from your life (people you may love) because your energy vibe is just too low to be around!                     Not a healthy place to be in dear Energual Soul!

Bruce Lee was a very big icon of mine when I was growing up, I always remembered him speaking to his student in one of his movies, telling his student not to THINK but FEEEEL otherwise his student would miss all the heavenly glory if he kept thinking on the physical finger of his masters.

I understood the full impact of his words many years later in life. I now, see my whole essence as having an amazing ‘Mind‘ that works alongside Great intelligence itself,  I call my inner tutor or ‘INTUITION’.

A ‘Body‘ to awe over for how magnificently it was made & willing to give me an exciting journey if I would just look after it.

‘Spirit‘  where I have learned where my intelligence lays, this is the Source that created everything, and lays deep within me also, this is where I hear its sweet voice sharing its wisdom guiding me as I listen through my channel, tuned into life itself, balanced and complete.

A place I call ‘Freedom’! The same could go for us all, we may get so caught up in all this physicalness of life, which we perceive as reality and have no room or acknowledgment to our vibrational energual side, and so end up missing out on the beautiful substance that can be provided to us in a deliberate, sorted out joyful life that we can draw to ourselves if we would become more conscious about how we vibe from within.

Its been  20+ years since I first started to walk my journey with the passion to learn more about my true essence, I found many great resources and experiences that I will enjoy sharing with other likeminded, uplifting stories on this Energual pathway of mine.

I encourage you to keep seeking your truths. You are a vibrational being first and foremost, & I ask as an energual friend to completely, vibe the best You, dear Energual being.

I will talk about some great tools on this path, encouraging you to absorb as much of this information that you can sponge into your soul because there is a magnificent YOU within wanting to come out and Shine.

The rays of light start to emanate from deep within, this is where we must go to create the changes that can bring your life into balance, magnetically drawing you, to your own true happiness.





Vibe high & Live!

Michelle aka Energyess








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  1. Wow Michelle aka Energyess.
    I found your website very intriguing. I have never really thought about vibrations and frequencies regarding myself.
    You expanded my thinking. I like where my thoughts are going right now.
    Very interesting range of topics’
    In particular Energy Zappers. Is this possible? And if so can you help me understand more about it?
    Thank you.

    1. Dear Diane. I appreciate you coming and reading my blogs on energy vibration. I will only be too willing to expand your mind more on the energy zapping & Yes, it is very possible. In my blog on energy zapping, you will have seen its not only the inner energies that get a zapping but also the outer of us, as there are many types of currents frequencies in our atmosphere that also can take a whole family with the amount of electricity flowing through our space. I will send you more interesting information, in our newsletter to your email now that you have subscribed. Thank you so much.. Appreciate you, Namaste Diane!

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