Intuition is a High Vibing Asset

My Intuition has been a very special asset of mine since I was a kid, I could hear it loud and clear, as a child and it has come to be the most trustworthy voice that I believe in, to this day. The tutor withinside me, is what I call it, an essence that completely knows exactly what I need and which path is the most safest, perfect, the joyous path for me to take in anything I do, need or want answers from.

I could ask my intuition anything – meaning I would quietly still my mind and ask a question and before not too long an answer appeared in my head, maybe through a vision, a feeling, a thought, a hunch. I knew when I trusted in my intuition completely, things flowed better for me in my life, but when I became blocked by some situation or other peoples circumstances & concerns. These things sometimes felt as if it seemed to block me from my inner tutor where I heard only light whispers at times or little nudges that were ignored.

My Intuition a great chef when I was 15

  My intuition was a great asset at the shearing sheds when I was working as a cook, especially when there were times I never had a cookbook and so I would ask my intuition what I needed. Sit quietly and it always answered, if say it was for baking a cake, I would hear a voice literally talking inside me going… cream the butter and sugar by using the big silver stirring spoon and add 7 shakes of sugar. So that is what I would do, I’d grab the BIG silver stirring spoon, scoop a big spoon of butter into a bowl and then grab the sugar container and do 7 sorts of shakes.

The greatest thing about this was it always stopped my hand at the right time, it was as if I could hear it going to me’ yip, yip, yip that’s it, that’s enough’! I’d continue on with my baking and then I’d hear 3 shakes of cocoa, 2 shakes of baking powder 3 eggs and well …Im sure you get the picture as Im sure you dont want a lesson on baking a cake, anyway by the time it was ready for my cake to come out, I would have these huge roasting dish size cakes, iced and ready for the gangs’ smoko break. I really trusted my intuition when I was younger, its amazing how we can quietly push it aside.

I Quietened my own intuition.

As I got older, say by the age of 21, I had jobs, got a boyfriend, got pregnant and life just gets busy, I rarely heard my tutor within. I was too busy fulling my mind and life with other stuff, like caring for other peoples needs, working or obeying the demands of life but looking back I know my intuition always cared and still protected me regardless of where I was within side of myself.

If ever harm or a bad situation confronted me, I could hear it loud and clear. Intuition would ask me not to go down that track I was going down…

” Michelle don’t go down there its not good for you and a creepy feeling would go through my body, so I wouldn’t go down or my hair stood up with certain people or nice fuzzies for another person.

Michelle don’t do that its not going to work, rather do it this way and so I would listen but every time I didn’t listen, I always, always found myself in a situation I wished I never had gone down or had done.

My intuition has attitude also as sometimes I would hear it go ‘I told you so when will you trust me’. LOL


Learning Meditation

It wasn’t till later in life and working more in the energy work,  where I studied naturopathy and learned many  different types of therapies to the healing of self, in such learnings I became a massage therapist, learnt Reiki I & II and channelling and that’s when I noticed my intuition and I had bonded back stronger together again, but this time I was now working with my intuition consciously and with more awareness, we were a team” and I completely trusted in my team mate, my tutor within. I remembered every feeling of my intuitions essence as a kid inside me, once again, so grateful to the fact that I had learnt a way to stilling my mind, through meditation.

My mind was a chatterbox, it seemed to lean towards the negatives I picked up throughout my life and taking them on as if they were my own and re-enacting them in my life. Its influence is great, has the power of chatting ones ownself into even hating yourself, a powerful thing the old mind is. Anyway, once I came to know the difference from my intuitions sweet voice compared to the negative mind it wasn’t too long before I was able to quieten down the chatter and intuition was back in the driver’s seat once again.

Is a beautiful time being alone with yourself in deep meditation and getting to know your own being while in meditation, it’s  great allowing the feelings and  answers, to coming on through.  Through all my times of meditation whether sitting still or walking around, I could feel the vibing of my energy and could hear it in my ears, this brought me more awareness to my emotions sending out signals of vibration which I could feel were emitting off of me.


I have come to understand my vibrational energy has a close relationship with my intuition. When my intuition needs to let me know about anything, my vibrational energy within tells me exactly what type of energy frequency I will experience, I use this energy to just try keeping everything in a balanced state otherwise I would go into a low vibe. When I’m happy my energy is vibrant and everything has so much joy to it when I’m low another type of energy that isn’t one that brings joy, so why go to which brings nothing of good use.

Intuition is my Vibrational Guidance.

I hear intuition and intuition has guided me to amazing places within, I can hear, feel, touch and smell an see this powerful essence and we are all blessed in that, it lives within each one of us.

‘Love for self’ is vital in this game, intuition and our energy vibrational frequencies also plays an important part in this game of life which we can enjoy in another blog.

I will leave you on a positive note with Steven Spielberg and Oprah as they share the importance it was for them both to trust in their intuition and guided them in becoming the magnificent beings that they are today.

Enjoy, it will lift your vibration and will encourage you to also trust in and use your intuition a way lot more, it truly is one of the most powerful tools bestowed unto us.

We are powerful beyond our own beliefs, there will have to come a time where we all will be working with each of our given gifts.  An energy vibrates a frequency from each one of us and our energy is tapped into the Source of that great power, start trusting in it more Dear Precious Soul let it guide you and all you have to do is feel.

Intuition will always send you towards the path of Positive vibes, Trust in it…if it doesn’t feel good, you may need to go deeper and see what you may be holding withinside of you, that is blocking you from hearing your own inner messages and where you have gone right off track into a place of ‘dis’ – disease, distancing self,  disharmony. disliked, distrust and the list could go on.

May you also connect within and hear your inner voice and feel its essence in each and every energy that emanates off of you dear precious being.

If you would like to leave a comment of your views on intuition I would appreciate you leaving a comment below.

Thank you


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  1. love how the reader who comes to your site will know exactly what to do when leaving great details! Love this

    1. Thank you for your comment Jamaar as your words mean alot to me, I am very passionate about sharing this awareness in the raising awareness in consciousness and guiding ones in bringing balance back into their mind, body and Spirit. Appreciation sent your way.

  2. WOW! You know what? Just before reading this I was actually listening to Abraham-Hicks on YouTube talk about getting into the vortex but meditating. And that any bad thought or belief doesn’t serve you and doesn’t put you in alignment with your true purpose. I feel like meditation is a bit of a challenge, but then again its basically doing nothing so how can it be challenging to “do nothing” – really its just hard for me to quiet my mind, but I learned from Abraham Hicks also that if you can quiet your mind and allow just 17 seconds of “feeling good being me” and saying to myself “everything works out for me” that it will create true miracles. I know you must have heard of Abraham-Hicks. I also love reading Louise Hay and Dr.Wayne-Dyer.

    1. Yes, Abraham Hicks, I share in another blog under channellers, so I am so glad you understand the law of attraction and the teachings of Abraham Hicks. I am familiar with the 17sec as well I do the same. Yes stilling the mind is an art but we are all capable of doing it Ester even says its easy, she would concentrate on a sound maybe her air conditioner but just something to take away those negative thoughts that maybe trying to run loose in our heads and concentrating on good feelings is the only way to go so many thanks for your comment Sophia appreciate it so much. Namaste.

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