Vibe zappers – What is stealing your Energy?  ‘Be aware’

Have you ever used an expression – I feel drained? I have no energy or I feel zapped, tuckered out or just totally beat! Then maybe your energy has been drained or zapped, from right underneath your own nose.

I can honestly say, I have used all those expressions throughout my life many times, I, though like most, was not aware that there were actual energy vampires and drainers that deliberately suck the very life force out of Us. Energy drainers are zapping your vibration maybe right now in the same house as you, while your reading this post, and you’re feeling your energy is plummeting down lower and lower because of their energy, yes, their vibration is actually unbalancing your inner frequency. It is important that we become more aware of these low energies, keeping a tab on our own inner essence, in a powerful yet, joyful state, through a mind of complete balance.

In the video below Oprah Winfrey shares the importance of taking responsibility for our own energy that we bring and for the people we surround ourselves with, by allowing them to be in our space. She expresses how important it is by saying ‘this is HUGE’ You need to become more aware of your energy and clearing of negative low energies.


Start becoming more aware of ‘how to stay clear’ of such low energy’s, to keep your own energy vibration full.

Oprah spoke of ‘not being able to move forward in one’s life or raise to the levels that you are meant to be at for yourself if one has surrounded themselves with low energies that are unstable to you. These people or things will suck the very life-force from out of you. ‘I know you know this is true Ophar says’ There are Energy suckers that will suck all your life-force from out of you and unless you do a clearing like what Ophar had to do – Clear her life of people and things whose energies were not supportive of who she wanted to be. She recognized that not all people will take responsibility for their own energy and that ‘now’ right now, you too can take responsibility for your own self and energy. It is then and only then, can you be there for others.

What ways can you prevent your energy from being zapped?

People who are energy zappers or drainers seem to mope, whine, they focus on the negatives and complain about everything and are such miserable people to be around. Have you felt someone’s energy like that? and say to yourself “I don’t like being around this person energy” ” I don’t like their vibe” or  you go to someones home and say “this place gives me the creeps” well if you have you have just picked up on its vibrational energy and well done to you, because you are already sensitive to vibrational energy’s, it just now a matter of tuning into its frequency.

Ideas that can raise your vibrational energy, help realign your energy frequency and bring balance back into your life.

Practice LOVE every day. Love is a high vibration on the energy scale, unconditional Love has no conditions or limits on anything because one walks from the inner quality of the Spirit which we know as ‘love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.’ When you can do this to yourself and others you have reached a level of true balance.

Forgiveness and letting go is an excellent healing for the soul. Holding on to grudges and hate has been found to change & bring many dis-eases to the body, which could have been avoided if one vibrated from an energy of love and above. Many people find letting go very hard but if you want a joyous happy abundant life, then, there is a frequency you must match’ to receive such a life. Take a look below and notice how beautiful high-frequency vibrational words or sounds affects our body compared to low negative words.

Let your pureness come through by for-giving and speak loving words to yourself and then others, then watch your world change.

Laughter is the greatest medicine – Comedies, fun times and places that bring joy, laughter, and happiness raises peoples vibration and creates a chemical change producing serotonin & dopamine, that gets distributed throughout the body. Great for every kind of dis-ease. Find more ways to bring joy back into your life.



Exercise Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga are exercises concentrating specifically on our chi or energy flow through our meridians and chakras. Good for unblocking stuck energy. nice and slow exercises.



Good nights rest. Sleep restores the body and charges our internal battery. Less sleep can resort to Less energy for many people. This is an energy booster giving the body the energy needed to keep your internal battery balanced daily. 6-8 hours daily is meant to be plenty for the body.


Spend more time in nature. Hug a tree & giving thanks for the oxygen they provide for our survival. The food we eat straight from the ground and the water we need and the sun that shone on all our vegetation have high vibrational frequency energies coming off of them for our greatest benefits

. Give thanks always to Mother earth because she sustains us through her powerful energy, She has healed many of lives, through medicines, tincture, healing waters, her vibration is so connected to ours that she knows how to raise our frequency – one way is through Grounding or earthing this therapy has great benefits and is one of the easiest healing methods we could do for ourselves.

By just taking off our shoes and walking on the earth bare feet, for it rids you of free radicals and unclogs the cells also rejuvenates the body miraculously through her vibration.


Healing properties of stones and gems & crystals. They have their own vibrational properties and can align our bodies energy centers or chakras, they can help flush out negative energy vibrations. Good for curing energy aliments and protecting you against dis-ease.

Love our animals as they are totally loyal and unconditional when giving of themselves, we see this through our family pets. They make us feel good and bring much joy into our lives, helping to raise our vibration.

Being grateful is always a positive energy. Appreciation is a high vibration and can improve one’s physical & psychological health, for one will emanate an energy that vibrates from a feeling of full pleasure. Your self-worth will raise and your relationship with others will grow as your genuine thankfulness opens up channels for more good things to appear in your life.



Oprah explain that this is Life Changing! Yes, Ridding energy zappers/drainers from our life will not be easy it will take some practice, but it is your responsibility if you want that positive change in your life and be the person you are meant to be.

Act now by making your energy a priority in life, because by doing so you are drawing to yourself a magnificent high vibrating future, that you always knew you deserved.



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  1. Thanks for a really good explanation, I can resonate with many of the comments you made above. And I agree that it is important to remove people or situations from our lives that are of no importance and drag us down. I like to use the phrase “don’t sweat the small stuff” because stressing is also so bad for our well-being.

    1. I agree with you Helen and I have always loved that phrase also, I am glad you see the importance of removing the negative people or situations from our lives, especially if their energy had a negative pull taking us down into a lower state of being. I am grateful for your comment Helen as you are right stress is something we all could avoid in our lives. Many thanks to you.

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